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Internet Security & Network Security

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Small Business Internet Security

Internet security for small businesses is an absolute must to protect your company’s hardware and information. Tranquilnet provides effective solutions for protecting your computer against harmful viruses as well as blocking the annoying spam that wastes company resources. Our firewall router for small businesses serves as an effective defense against system invaders. Having our firewall router installed into your system allows you to use the Internet with assurance that your system is protected. As a business owner, you cannot afford to leave your computers vulnerable to malicious viruses that can destroy pertinent data as well as damage your equipment.

Small Business Network Security

As a small business owner, you can’t afford to have your computer network compromised by malicious malware. Tranquilnet  knows the absolute ins and outs of firewall routers to protect your network from harm. Without proper protection, computers become infected with a virus and, to make matters worse, one infected computer can infect an entire network. We can repair and rebuild your IT systems if an unprotected network is attacked. More importantly, we’re equipped to reduce the risk of damage.

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