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Why Choose VOIP PBX Phone Systems For Your Business?

One of the most important services you will set up for your business is your phone line or lines. It is by far the most critical element of your physical business; if your customers cannot reach you then what is the point of even opening your doors? Today there are a number of options available to the small and medium-sized business owner. If you are simply working out of your basement or renting an office you will most definitely want to have a phone system that can manage your calls and hopefully grow with your business. You will also want to be sure to watch how much you are spending; nothing can kill a business faster than outrageous phone bills for services that you really don’t need. With Voice Over Internet Protocol phone lines now being so readily available there is a simple and very cost-effective solution to your business phone needs.

Why Choose VOIP For Your Business? – Save Money, Get Great Services

Everyone wants to save money, especially when you first start your business. Isn’t that the point of business, to make as much you can while saving as much as you can? Certainly starting with your phone lines is a great first step. Voice Over Internet Protocol is not really a new thing. The service allows you to get unlimited phone usage through your Internet connection for one small monthly fee, you really can’t beat that! Then there is Skype. Skype is a web site that allows you to place calls right through your laptop. You can use your computer’s built-in microphone or simply plug in a headset. You do have to pay some minimal costs to use Skype but compared to what you may pay with AT&T it’s very minimal. Vonage is great as they provide some pretty slick phones and services to go with them, all for one low monthly fee. There are other VOIP services out there but currently Vonage and Skype seem to be the more popular options. Just do a bit of research and see which one suits your needs better. Much of the decision will probably be based on how many employees you have in your business. Keep in mind this isn’t just for business, it can also be used in personal applications as well.

Why Choose A Mini-PBX Phone System For Your Business? – Mini PBX Gives You the Perception of Being a Major Corporation

For small businesses looking to one day be that major corporation, perception can be everything in the beginning stages of your business. A great way to gain an advantage and to be perceived as a larger business is to consider the Mini PBX phone system. When people first contact you the first impression they get is from your phone. You will want to pay close attention to how you present your business on the phone. Some things to consider are the simple and often overlooked options like, do you want to have music playing when people are on hold? How will you manage incoming calls? Will someone be there to put them on hold? Will someone be there to pass them through to the appropriate person?

Many large digital phone systems offer these features but as a small or growing business you probably don’t want to get into an extremely expensive phone system. Purchasing a small and very easy to use and to set up Mini PBX system will solve all your problems. These little units offer a powerhouse of features and many ways to customize it as well. You can save money by automating many of these options and features rather than having to pay someone to do it or even worse do it yourself.

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