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The Importance Of Having An Email Spam Filter

Today everyone uses email; you can’t run a business without it. Everyday billions of emails are being passed around and every day that many spam emails are also sent. Spam emails are simply emails that are designed to promote a product or service and are sent out in bulk to a number of email addresses, it is very similar to junk mail or those annoying telemarketing calls you get late at night. We all hate the junk mail and the waste of resources it entails, and no one likes getting calls late at night from some automated system trying to sell you a service. It should be clear why you wouldn’t want spam either. It simply wastes the time of your employees to have to go through emails to get rid of spam from the computer and spam also takes up needed space on your computer’s Internet server.

The Importance Of Having An Email Spam Filter For Your Company – Spam can Overload Your Inbox and Distract Your Users and Employees, Casting a Cloud Over Productivity

You don’t need spam, so why have it sent to your email box? These types of emails are not productive to business, they are usually just random attempts to sell some type of product or service that 99 percent of the time has nothing to do with your business. All this does is rob your business of productivity. It creates problems with employees as it takes time for them to go through all the emails and decide whether it is a legit email or simply trash. Some of these are also very deceptive, the people who send them out know they need to be clever and they often send spam emails that might be mistaken by an employee for something important.

The Importance of Having an Email Spam Filter For Your Company – Security Concerns

An employee can inadvertently reply to a spam email and potentially deliver information to someone who should not have received that information. Even worse is that these spam emails often trigger a “cookie” to be downloaded onto the computer where the email is opened. A cookie is a way for the spammers to track who has opened the email and makes it easier for them to send even more spam emails in the future. It can also collect information from the computer and send it back to the person who sent the cookie. This can cause a breach in the security of your computer system.

The Importance Of Having An Email Spam Filter For Your Company – They Can Steal Valuable Space on Your Server.

A server can only hold so much information and only so much information can pass through it at any given time. If you are constantly being sent spam emails it clogs the “pipeline” in your server and the information that you really need may not come through as quickly. Computers have a limited amount of drive space and these emails can also steal that valuable space on the computer. It may also cause employees to take advantage of these offers that these spammers are posting and that could potentially reflect on the business. You often never know the true agenda of a spam email. Many of these emails contain viruses that could infect your entire network. One simple email can shut down your entire business costing untold amounts of money. There is a genuine danger with these spam emails and how they can affect a business, a spam filter is almost critical for any business, especially those that are on a server.

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