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Five Reasons for a Computer Tune Up

Is your computer running slow? Do you have time to run errands while waiting for the computer to start? Then maybe it’s time for a computer tune up. All computers need some maintenance at least once or twice a year, in order to “clean the house”. There is lots of junk that accumulates with everyday use and that starts to slow down your system, making your computer more susceptible to crashes. That can be fixed with some tuning up.

Simple Maintenance for Your Computer

There are simple steps for weekly or monthly maintenance that don’t take long, or there are more complete tune ups, the type to be done once or twice a year, that would require more of your time. If you can get a good clean up for your computer once a year, then simple monthly maintenance should keep your machine running smoothly. And the good news is that you can do it yourself, if you don’t want to pay somebody else to do it for you.

Five Good Reasons to Tune Up Your Computer

1. Get Better Performance:

It speeds up your PC (or laptop). When you tune up, you get rid of the useless files and unused programs that clog your system. Your computer doesn’t have to load so much unused data and this makes it run faster, just like when it was brand new and you hadn’t had time to clutter it yet.

Imagine that your computer is a large garage and your stored temp files, duplicates, unused programs and recycle bin are boxes in there. Your garage would probably be so filled up with stuff that it would be a mess, nothing would fit in and it would take you a lot of time just to get to the door, not to mention to find the tools that are necessary to your work. That is why you need to delete all the unused data and programs: so you can have room to help you do what you need to do faster, without having so much clutter in your way.

2. Get your Files and Programs Organized:

Uninstall programs that you don’t use or old games you’ve finished playing. Delete duplicate files; there are some good free software programs online that can do this job for you, which sometimes can be really time consuming.

3. Archive Old Data:

Transfer old pictures, old files and documents you don’t use anymore to a flash drive or a CD-R. Advice: when burning data into a CD-R, always make two copies. William Kenji, from WKGI Consulting, suggests that you create a folder in your hard drive for these old files you want to keep. Go to Start, and then Run. If you have a Windows 98 or ME, type command / c md c:\archive; if you have a Windows 2000 or XP, type cmd / c md c:\archive. Then press Enter. Every time you want to access these files all you need to do is select Start, Run, type c:\archive and press Enter.

4. Protect Your Computer:

When you tune up, you can take the opportunity to remove viruses and threats. Scan everything with the antivirus. Disable the System Restore of your computer before scanning for viruses, since sometimes some infected files can be mixed and stored there as a backup. Make sure your firewall protection is on and that your anti-virus software is updated.

5. Get Faster Start Up:

Clean your system tray. Your system tray is that box that stays in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, right where the clock is. You can see there what programs are being loaded when you start the computer. If you have too many, your computer will take forever to load them and that also makes your machine unstable.

photo credit: jfcherry via photopin cc

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