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5 Reasons To Have Corporate Server Monitoring

In today’s world it is nearly impossible to conduct business without having some kind of technical capabilities such as email, Internet access, Voice Over Internet Protocol and FTP. Typewriters have long been obsolete, these days simply having a computer, phone line and fax is obsolete. To stay competitive you need to be able to pass information immediately and often in bulk with extremely large files; these capabilities cannot be accomplished with only a simple email and web hosting service. If you have a dozen or more employees all in need of Internet, email, FTP, chat, instant messaging, VOIP, audio and video streaming and MS Exchange then you are definitely a candidate for corporate server monitoring.

If you are a medium-sized business your Internet needs will definitely be working off of a central server. Chances are you are also not going to want to waste your time or your employees’ time monitoring the server or fixing it in the event it breaks or ceases to work for any number of reasons. Today business owners can contract the service of a third party company who can take this headache away from you and provide a professional and knowledgeable alternative to you sitting in the office with a handful of wires trying to figure out why you can’t send an email. Here is a list of five reasons why you need someone to monitor your corporate server.

Reason One for Corporate Server Monitoring: Protect Critical Software

Chances are you are using MS Exchange in your business. This is a critical piece of software that your employees have become reliant on. Should this software all of a sudden not become available you can count on the fact that you will be barraged with a number of inquiries from your employees. With corporate server monitoring you can pass the worry on to someone else. More importantly you can pass on the task of getting it back up and running. You don’t want to spend your time configuring the software and getting it back into action.

Reason Two for Corporate Server Monitoring: Important Information Is Being Transmitted

Everyone uses email; your business relies on it. With so much dependence on it it’s very important to always have the service available. If it’s not available you need someone to fix it as soon as possible or to at least inform you as to why it’s not working and when it will be available. Even more important is the fact that the information that is being passed can be sensitive and is usually information that needs to be passed along immediately. You will want to know if there were any emails that were not sent or are lost or are in the queue to be sent. Your employees will need to be able to know when the email will be back so they can make necessary calls if need be. All of this can be accomplished with a corporate server monitor.

Reason Three for Corporate Server Monitoring: If the Server Goes Down, You Need to Know Immediately

Knowledge of the server crashing and knowing when it will be up and running is everything. If your business is tied to your server a crash could cause business to grind to a halt! No one can have that. You don’t want to be the one stuck with getting it back up and running especially if you are not tech savvy; put this task in the hands of professionals.

Reason Four for Corporate Server Monitoring: if the site crashes you need to know immediately

If your business is dependent on your website, you need to know if your site crashes immediately so you don’t lose customers – For many businesses, websites equal revenue. If your website is down, how long will it be? do you know if you lost any transactions? did it go down in the middle of a transaction? The monitor can answer all of this.

Reason Five for Corporate Server Monitoring: Know Your customers

Know the traffic on your site and the habits of the people visiting the site – Knowing who is visiting your site and their habits and demographics is essential to building a more productive site. A corporate server monitor can tell you the exact habits, where visitors clicked, how long they stayed, if one feature was not used or anything else that involved the click of a button on a computer. Building a better site equals more money; a corporate server monitor can literally make or break a business and will certainly pay for itself.

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