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Wireless Access

Wireless access allows your computers and other IT hardware to function without the use of clunky wires. Wires are inconvenient. They obstruct walkways and make it difficult to connect hardware items that are not in close proximity to each other. Fortunately, modern wireless technology provides the solution

Wireless Access Solutions

The most common wireless access solution is the wireless LAN, or wireless Local Area Network. A WLAN allows computers and hardware to communicate via radio waves rather than wires, streamlining an office environment. Larger offices and businesses may need a wireless MAN, or Metropolitan Area Network, which is a connection between multiple WLANs.

Benefits to Wireless Access

With wireless access, space is no longer an obstacle when organizing your business. You can put hardware virtually anywhere, knowing you don’t need to worry about proximity to a router or to another computer. You will also be able to more easily add new hardware to your setup without having to concern yourself about how it will connect.

Setting Up Wireless Access

Tranquilnet IT Solutions can help you set up wireless access in your office. Keep in mind that wireless access will also invoke the need for wireless security, as wireless connections are even more vulnerable to attack than traditional Internet connections. Tranquilnet can discuss all your wireless security options with you and will set up your Wi-Fi network with efficiency and care.

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