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User Management

Having a computer network means having multiple users. Although you may want each computer in your network to have access to your entire system, you may not want each individual user to have such access. This is where a good user management system is key.

User Management In Computer and Network Security

It should be clear that you don’t want everyone in your company to have full access to your computer systems, servers and network. It’s not appropriate and not safe for the new intern to have the same level of access as the CEO. Establishing and enforcing the ability of different users for different levels of computer access in your company is what a good user management system can do for you.

User Management In File Sharing and File Security

While some files are not for group distribution, there are many situations where you will need certain employees to easily be able to share certain files on the network. You want to be able to disseminate key files without worrying that the security of said files is compromised and that they may end up in the hands of an unapproved outside user. You can enable this directed file sharing in your user management system and even change the system so that an employee who may not have previously had access to a certain file now has it.

User Management In Remote Access

You will probably want some of your employees to be able to access the network when “on the road.” With a user management system, you can enable this access for the employees who need it without making it universal, which could disrupt your organization and threaten security.

How User Management Works

Tranquilnet can help you set up a user management system which assigns permissions to different users in your system depending on their job “role”. User roles can range anywhere from “Administrator,” who has complete access to the system, to “public user,” who can only access public areas of the system that contain non-sensivite data viewable to practically anyone.

User Groups

Users in between these two extremes can be anything from editors and writers to account managers or sales associates. Depending on the type of business you have, there may be many different user groups with different levels and ranges of permissions.

The User Management System

Tranquilnet can provide you with an effective user management system that can help you easily assign the correct permissions to the correct user groups, so that everyone in your system has exactly as much access as they need and no more. This not only cuts down on potential confusion, but it compartmentalizes and protects your system from sabotage, misappropriation and other misuse of the system that may slow down or damage your business. If you have a computer network with employees of varying responsibilities, you need a clear, easy-to-use, efficient system for user management.

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