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Remote Access

Today’s businesses are often on the go, which means owners and employees need access to their computers and files even when they aren’t in the office. Fortunately, the technology exists to allow just this sort of long-distance operation. It is typically referred to as remote access.

Working From Home

Telecommuting is becoming more and more the norm these days. Even if some employees come into the office occasionally, many want or need a couple of days in the home office to get things done. If your business works this way, it’s important to make sure those employees have the access they need.

Working on the Road

Similarly, you may need to send employees out into the field for your business. When this happens, you want to remain in close contact. The world of business is constantly in flux and you need to be in touch with what is happening at all times.

Outside Contractors

Sometimes your business may require outside salespeople or other contractors to get done what your business needs to function and grow. Making sure that these individuals have the right level of access to your system from their own locations makes your entire business run smoothly.

How Does Remote Access Work?

To make use of remote access, Tranquilnet IT can install a remote access program on your computer and/or a remote access server to connect to your entire network. As long as the computer is on and connected to the Internet, you have access to that computer from any computer terminal with Internet access anywhere in the world. All you have to do is go to the remote access site and log into the system. Click connect, and it’s like you’re sitting right in front of your main computer.

Remote Access or You and Your Business

Remote access is just one more way to stay connected to your data, your employees and your business. We all know the axiom that time is money, and if you can take a meeting halfway around the world while instantly accessing anything you need from your computer at home, you can save both. In addition, with remote access, there’s no “forgetting” to bring along or e-mail a certain piece of data that resides on your computer. If you have it on your computer, you have it anywhere and everywhere.

Getting Remote Access

Remote access is something that every small business needs to more effectively and efficiently provide a great product and service to their clients, anytime from anywhere. If you’re ready for remote access, Tranquilnet can design and implement a remote access system that is right for you and your company.

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