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Hosted VoIP and PBX

Have you considered a hosted VoIP/PBX plan for your business? If not, you may not be aware of how much time and money one can save you. It’s possible that you have not even had the opportunity to become familiar with such plans. If this the case, Tranquilnet can help.

What is a PBX?

A PBX is a private branch exchange, meaning a specific telephone exchange that services your business exclusively. In other words, that particular exchange is a private exchange used only by your employees, although of course calls can be sent and received by anyone through the exchange. This “exchange” can simply be thought of a traditional phone system that routes calls to and from your company, its emplyees and its customers.

What is a VoIP?

A VoIP is a Voice over Internet Protocol, and what it means is a system wherein your telephone operations function over the Internet, rather than over a phone line. This eliminates the need for dedicated phone lines and can save money on phone bills, in addition to adding convenience, especially for companies with multiple office locations, particularly ones that are in other countries.

How Does Hosted VoIP/PBX Work?

A hosted VoIP/PBX handles all of your company’s telephony needs. An exchange is created for each employee and they are free to use the Internet to send and receive as many calls as they need to make. All of the technical issues are handled at the host location, so the company can enjoy clear, worry-free communication as well as all the features that modern phones offer such as conference calling and voice mail, at a price much lower than what it would cost to have traditional phone service for all employees. If affordable, easy phone service for your business sounds good to you, contact Tranquilnet to get set up with a quality hosted VoIP/PBX system for your business today.

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