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Dedicated Servers

When your business first started out, a cheap shared server hosting plan was probably enough. Your Internet needs didn’t require a huge amount of disk space or your own IP address and Control Panel. But as your business grows, your needs change, and you may now just be at the point where you need a dedicated server.

What Is a Dedicated Server?

The web server or application server is where your website or application is hosted so that it can be found on the Internet. Smaller businesses usually start out with a shared server plan. This means that there are multiple users on the same server. There is no overlap, each user has their own part of the server to use, but the users share an IP address, a Control Panel that manages the server, and can only use as much of the server’s disk space and bandwidth as their plan will allow. When you have a dedicated server, you have exclusive use of the entire server for your own company’s web pages or application.

Why Do I Need a Dedicated Server?

As your company grows, your server needs will often grow as well. You may find yourself with hundreds of web pages and multiple domains or a growing application with increased bandwidth needs, and a small piece of one server just won’t be enough. You may decide that your web and application design needs require that you have exclusive access to your Control Panel or other Management Software, and you may realize that sharing an IP address is not efficient for your business.

How Hard Is it to Get a Dedicated Server?

Getting a dedicated server is easy as long as you can pay the higher monthly fee, and Tranquilnet will make that easy for you too, getting you a dedicated server deal at a reasonable price and helping you get set up. If your business is expanding faster than your current Internet needs allow, there’s no reason for you not to look into acquiring a dedicated server deal today.

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