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Custom Hosting

Different companies have different needs when it comes to web hosting. Small businesses in particular have very specialized needs with regards to the kind of hosting that will help their companies grow at the optimal rate. That’s why Tranquilnet will custom build a hosting solution for any business, from those with a minimum budget for web hosting to those with an unlimted budget and complex Internet website, email system or application.

About Custom Hosting

One of the first things you will need is a plan for custom hosting that fits into your budget. Tranquilnet can help you create a custom hosting solution that is affordable but doesn’t leave you with your hosting needs unfulfilled.

Other Custom Hosting Options

Your needs regarding features for your custom hosting plan will vary as well. You may have specific security needs you want to address. A custom managed Firewall system can help with this. You may want remote access or remote KVM over IP access to your server(s) for yourself and/or some of your employees. You may need a redundant 100MB connection to your server(s) with the ability to load balance traffic between your servers. You may need assistance purchasing and installing a Control Panel such as cPanel on your server(s). Tranquilnet can set you up with this too. Tranquilnet will stay with you until you are confident that your hosting plan is an ideal fit for your current business, and will help you modify that plan as your business goals and opportunities change.

Your Custom Hosting Plan

Your website and internet application could be the most important marketing tool or service that you have. You don’t want to cut corners, but you can’t afford to use up your whole budget on it either. A custom hosting plan is the perfect middle ground. Get custom the website and application hosting plan that you want at a price your company can afford.

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