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Website Hosting

If you’re going to put a site on the web, you’re going to need a web hosting partner and/or server. But if you don’t know the first thing about web hosting, how do you proceed? What do you need to think about when considering web hosting for your site? Here are a few thoughts to consider.

Web Hosting Considerations: Price

For many small businesses, price is the number one consideration when thinking about web hosting. You’re going to be paying for web hosting every month, and that money can add up. For most new websites, you don’t need an expensive hosting plan. Cheap, shared web hosting can be had for only a few dollars a month, and if you’ve only got a few web pages and minimal visitors to your website, that’s all you need.

Web Hosting Considerations: Reliability

Your website doesn’t do you any good if it’s always down. You need a web host that is reliable, so that when you log on to check your website in the morning you don’t find that all your traffic is going elsewhere because no one can get on to your site. While almost all web hosting providers advertise 95 to 99 percent uptime, in practice, not all web hosting providers really can deliver this. Do some research and find out what the real uptimes are, especially for lower cost hosts.

Web Hosting Considerations: Tech Support

Nothing is more frustrating than having a problem with your site and not being able to get through to tech support, or to get through and have them not be able to help you in a timely fashion. Every minute that goes by where your site has a problem is a minute that you could be losing money. Look into the reviews of the tech support that goes with different web hosting services and try to get an idea of which one you will want on your side in a time of crisis.

Web Hosting Considerations: Backup

Your web host should automatically be performing backups of your website or provide you with the ability to backup the files and databses yourself. If something should go wrong, you do not want to lose these key files and data. Some web hosts or web designers do not back things up as frequently as they should. Make sure that whichever web host you use that they backup your data frequently or that you are able to perform these backups yourself. Hopefully you will never need these backups, but you will definitely want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are there.

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