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Email Accounts

E-mail accounts are now a necessity for any successful business. As soon as you connect your computers to the Internet, one of the first things you want to do is set up e-mail accounts for all your employees.

Benefits of E-Mail Accounts

While your employees probably all have personal e-mail accounts, these are not necessarily appropriate for business. You want a professional group of e-mail accounts that contain your company’s name or a variation of it in the suffix, so anyone sending or receiving an e-mail with anyone in your company knows exactly who they are dealing with.

E-Mail and Calendar Sharing with Microsoft Outlook

E-mail for an effective business often requires not only reliable, safe e-mail accounts for all employees, but the capability for contact, calendar and data sharing, so the employees that need it always have access to the information they need. For this, you’ll need a hosted exchange e-mail plan.

If you’re looking for a hosted exchange e-mail plan for your company, our sister company has just what you’re after. Plans are affordable, come in individual and group versions, and include Microsoft Outlook. Outlook is Microsoft’s popular e-mail program which allows anytime, anywhere access to email among many other features. You can set up your account so that you can access your e-mail directly from your company’s own Internet based web mail website as well.

Using Microsoft Entourage

If your company runs on Macs, you’ll probably be using Microsoft Entourage, the Apple-compatible version of Microsoft Outlook. TranquilNet can help you with installing and working with Entourage as well, if that’s what your company needs.

E-Mail on Your Mobile Phone or Smart Phone

If you have a growing business, you and your employees are probably often on the go. It saves you incalculable time and money to be able to access e-mail from your iPhone, Blackberry or other mobile device. An Individual Plus Mobile hosted exchange e-mail plan from can have you up and running with mobile access to contacts, calendar and e-mail with no setup fee.

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