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Domain Names

Virtually every successful company today has at least one website. If your company offers multiple products or services, you may need even more. Before you can direct people to your website, you’ll need to start out with a domain name. The process of getting a domain name may seem complicated, but the right IT professional can make it easy.

Domain Names

Your domain name refers to the URL that your customers will type into their web browser to call up your site, like Many of the most popular domain names are already taken, but there are still many available, some which you can get for free (although you still need to pay a hosting fee and possibly a surcharge), others which may carry a significant cost.

Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing your domain name will be up to you. You’ll need something that is not only easy to remember, but describes the products or services you provide well, and one that hasn’t already been taken. Remember that if a .com domain name is already taken, you can always try using another suffix like .net or .org.

Setting up Domain Names

Our sister site can help you figure out which domain names are available and help you register them. It’s a good idea to register a few domain names that you like even if you don’t necessarily have a full website to go with them yet. You can always set up the website later, or like the domain names to your current site.

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