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Discount Software

When you’re trying to run a tight, efficient business, it’s important not to incur any unnecessary costs. There is software that you may need for every computer on your network, but just because you need to have it, doesn’t mean you need to pay exorbitant fees for it. Get the right software for the right price and keep your network running like a well-oiled machine.

Microsoft Office Suites

Many in the business world feel that the current edition of Microsoft Office is the number one most important piece of software a company can own. Although there are a variety of Microsoft Office Suites which you can buy, tailored to your specific needs, the major programs in Microsoft Office include Microsoft Word, the number one word-processing program in the world, PowerPoint, a critical program if your company ever plans on giving a presentation, Excel, the spreadsheet program that can make all data organization and accounting in your business that much easier, and Outlook, keeping the lines of communication open and active in your network.

Nuance PDF Converter

PDF’s are used all the time in business today. PDFs are relatively easy to create and hard to tamper with, and can be viewed through virtually every platform. If you want to create and view PDFs as well as read and send them, you’ll need a program that can convert your documents into PDFs as well as edit existing ones. This is where the Nuance PDF Converter comes in. Not only does it quickly and easily turn virtually any document into a PDF, it can also edit existing PDF files, facilitate digital signature scanning, side-by-side PDF comparisons, and PDF archiving of Outlook mail.

Kaspersky Anti Virus

The wrong virus can ruin your business, or at least cause tremendously costly and time-consuming damage. Kaspersky Anti Virus products can protect your network from viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, worms and adware, as well as scan scan files, emails, Internet traffic and even IMs for potential threats. It can create an effective Firewall, safe Wi-fi and VPN connections and much more, including keylogger and web banner blocking and anti-spam protection. Basically, if it needs to be protected, Kaspersky Anti Virus Security products can do it and they do it the best in the industry.

Acronis Backup & Recovery

While it is hoped that your computers, servers and network will run smoothly all the time, but we all know that mishaps can happen, and data can be lost. Losing data can be one of the most painful experiences, especially if the data you lost is irreplaceable. You need to protect yourself from this disaster with consistent backups with the correct backup strategy, so if there is a data loss accident you can instantly restore the lost information and business can continue as normal. Acronis Backup and Restore can put your mind at ease and protect you from data loss. The software provides reliable, consistent backup and recovery on a variety of levels for very reasonable prices. One data recovery process from a data loss disaster will easily make up for the cost of the software, not to mention the stress and fear associated with data loss that is not recoverable because consistant backups were not performed.

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