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VoIP Phone System and PBX

The Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP phone system is the modern day solution to telephone costs. Your business will have multiple employees, many of whom will require phones. With an integrated VoIP system, all of your employees can conduct their phone calls over the Internet, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. The PBX refers to Private Branch Exchange, the single telephone exchange that can serve an entire office.

What is a VoIP and PBX Phone System?

The VoIP PBX is the private branch exchange that uses your Internet Protocol to function. In addition to quickly and cheaply connecting phone calls between your employees and the targets that they are calling, VoIP PBX systems are easily enabled with added functionality such as an auto-attendant, auto-dialing, conference calls, call waiting, call forwarding, call hold and voicemail.

Getting Started with VoIP and PBX Phone System

You can use an old-style analog phone system in your office but these tend to be slow, unwieldy and expensive compared to modern VoIP systems. Most businesses find that it is well worth switching to a VoIP phone system due to the ease of use and lowered costs that an effective VoIP phone system brings to the company. Ask a Tranquilnet IT professional to help you find and set up a VoIP system that fits your company’s needs today.

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