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Small Business Server and NAS

A small business server (SBS) is a suite of services to cater to the Internet needs of small companies, those with 75 separate users or less. The small business server includes a mail server, Internet information server, a file server, a VPN server, and can be accessed remotely. This enables a small business to simply and cost-effectively run a network.

Benefits to the Small Business Server

Small businesses have similar Internet needs to big businesses, but not with the same scope. It can be both time consuming and wasteful to try to organize services for employees on the level that a large business is required when all of those needs can be met satisfactory with a properly configured small business server.

Small Business Server and NAS Needs

If you have a small business with Internet needs looking for a reasonably priced, multi-faceted solution, and/or you have a network that needs to allow some clients or employees remote access to its resources without having the entire system accessible to the public, you will want to consider a Small Business Server for your company. One of the experienced Tranquilnet IT Consultants can assist you with finding and installing a Small Business Server that meets your company’s needs.

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