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pfSense Network Firewall and Router

Your network perimeter router is the means by which all your computers stay connected to the Internet and to each other. The network firewall is the means by which your computer network is protected from outside people and programs that wish to invade your network.

Perimeter Network Firewalls and Routers

Typical network firewall routers come with a NAT, or Network Address Translation, as one way to allow and restrict network traffic and access to servers and computers on your network. With a NAT, all of your computers can access the Internet through the same Internet connection and IP address. The router will then block routing requests from outside the network (with a different IP address), unless it is specifically configured to accept them. This is one way that your network has firewall protection through the router.

Setting up Your Network Firewall and Router

You will want to configure your perimter firewall and router so that it will accept certain outside requests for public services running on your network and outside requests to private services that are only accessible by valid requests coming from authenticated users or “safe” locations. Additionally, you will want to allow permitted access from your employees to the internet such requests to websites and email. This configuration process is not difficult and in no time you can have a system set up so that your employees have the Internet access you need while blocking any outside intrusions that you do not want. Your Tranquilnet IT professional can help you choose the perimeter firewall and router that is right for you and your business.

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