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Custom Appliances

Each company has its own specific Internet needs, which is why Tranquilnet-approved custom appliances are often warranted. From firewalls to storage to phone systems, Tranquilnet can provide custom appliances that fit in exactly with what your company wants and needs. Tranquilnet’s Internet and telecommunications products allow you to have confidence in the efficiency and success of your business through the use of the best technology available.

pfSense Network Firewall and Router

A network firewall must be designed and implemented for your company’s particular network needs. You can customize it so it allows exactly who and what you want in and out of your company’s network, whether it’s blocking unapproved sites from the inside or unwanted traffic from getting in, a customized network firewall built into the perimeter router system can provide total security without slowing you down.

Small Business Server and NAS

A small business server (SBS) is a suite of Internet services designed for small companies, generally ones with about 75 or fewer employees. These services include a mail server, Internet information server, secure file sharing and remote access to name a few. This enables a small business to simply and cost-effectively run their businesses over a network. Network Attached Storage, or NAS, provides data storage on a server over your network. It is a self-contained unit whose sole purpose is to hold onto your files for easy access to your computer network, containing your data so that other personal computers on your network don’t have to. This can increase the performance, security and the quick availability of your data over the network in a single, easy to find location.

VOIP Phone System and PBX

Using the Internet to power your phone system is the new wave in efficient business communication. It is achieved through the use of a VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol system, and a PBX, or Private Branch Exchange. These phone systems convert analog signals to digital ones so that your phones and the accompanying services such as voicemail and faxes, can work over the Internet rather than the traditional phone line. This tends to result in higher efficiency and lower costs than businesses still using classical telephone technology. The rest of your business is powered by the Internet, why shouldn’t your phone system be as well?

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