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Performance Tuning

For your business to be effective, your computers need to be running at their highest level of efficiency. Unfortunately, computers are complicated machines, which means they break down, wear out, or that performance issues may arise simply as a consequence of extended use. For this reason, regular performance tuning is required.

Performance Tuning

Performance tuning for your computer system is just what you would imagine it to be. Just like your car may need a tune-up or your body may need a physical, your computer system needs performance tuning to keep it running like new. Good performance tuning can give you the confidence that your system won’t break down at a critical moment.

Stages of Performance Tuning

Performance tuning is typically enacted in five stages: Analysis, Testing, Identification, Modification, Re-testing. In the analysis phase, the system is assessed and numeric parameters are established for each function of the system. In the testing phase, the performance of the system is measured to see which parts of the system do not meet the established numeric value for satisfactory performance. The identification phase entails identifying the “bottleneck,” or the part of the system that must be modified to improve performance. The modification phase involves modifying the system to get rid of that bottleneck and improve performance. Finally, re-testing measures the system functions after the modifications have taken place to make sure the system is back up to acceptable standards.

Performance Tuning Methods

Each system may require different methods for effective performance tuning, including code optimization, which is rewriting code to make a program run faster, load balancing, which is making sure that one part of the system doesn’t carry too much more of the service load than others, and caching strategy, which involves keeping frequently used information in high speed memory for easy access.

If you’re looking for reliable performance tuning, Tranquilnet can help. We can fully analyze your system and make sure you are working at optimum performance levels so that you can concentrate on making your business grow.

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