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Anti Spam Filtering

The only thing you really need to know about spam is that you don’t want it on your computer. Spam refers to the sending of mass messages to as many computers as possible, with the idea that the sheer volume will result in a worthwhile number of people reading the messages and purchasing the products advertised therein. These products are typically worthless to almost everybody, and almost certainly are of no value to your business.

The Problem with Spam

The main problem with spam is that it wastes your company’s resources. Your employees e-mail boxes can become clogged with spam, which creates a number of problems. One, it can fill those e-mail boxes so that important e-mails cannot get through. Two, your employees may feel compelled to read the spam to make sure that it is not important mail, which wastes company time. Three, your employees may feel compelled to delete the spam, which also wastes company time. Four, some employees may decide to reply to the spam, which really wastes company time.

The Solution to Spam

The solution to this annoying problem comes with proper anti spam filtering. An anti spam filter is a program that identifies spam as it comes into your system and either deletes the spam or moves it to a junk mail folder where it can be safely deleted later when there is time to do so. There are various methods which filters use to determine which messages to filter out (or to block entirely), many of which are highly effective in separating real mail from spam.

Anti Spam Filter Customization

In many cases you can customize your own anti spam filters. You can set your anti spam filter to only accept mail from trusted sites, or to automatically filter or automatically approve messages with certain keywords. Contact Tranquilnet to set up an anti spam filtering system in order to maximize efficiency for you and your business.

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