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VoIP for Small Business

tranquilnet voip for small business blog

There are two kinds of VOIP Service Providers and both want your business. The first is concentrated on VOIP for medium to large enterprises. The second is directed at the small to mid-sized businesses (SMB).

Inexpensive and reliable bandwidth help to make VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) a vialble option making it possible for your small business to enjoy the capabilities of an Enterprise Level phone system at a fraction of the cost. Businesses are quickly switching from traditional copper-wire telephone systems to VOIP systems decreasing their monthly phone costs and enjoying a full spectrum of advanced phone system functions. Small business oriented Voice over ip solutions have advanced into “unified communications” services that host all tele-communications –

phone calls
voice mail
Web conferencing
… and more

Each can be sent via any means and to any handset, even your cellphone. VOIP’s acceptance and growth is driven by one simple reason: A Single Connection. Businesses can run both voice and data communications over a single network connection lowering infrastructure and the cost of doing business.

The cost per extension for VOIP systems is cheaper when compared with PBXs or key systems that have fewer features and options. VOIP telephony runs on “commodity hardware”, such as PCs or Linux systems. Rather than closed architectures with proprietary operating software. VOIP’s use of standard interfaces makes these devices cheaper.

VOIP equipment has simple, intuitive user controls and interfaces allowing users to easily make system configuration changes. Dual-mode cellular phones allow users to continue conversations continuously while moving between cellular networks and internal Wi-Fi network. What this means is that business owners no longer need to provide both a desk phone and a cellular phones to their staff. Maintaining VOIP telephony networks is simpler due to fewer devices being required.

Is VOIP here to stay, the United States Social Security Administration (SSA) is converting its field office network (63,000 employees) to a VOIP system carried over its existing data network. Tranquilnet assists businesses determine whether VOIP will work for their particular needs…

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